Honour it and build it LEAN

Hello people!

I am new to the blogging world. Why am I here? To help people who have lost their hope of being fit and healthy as I myself have lost once.

I had tried almost everything to lose weight, improve my health status but nothing worked. I FAILED AT EVERY ATTEMPT.

BUT, 5 years back when I was constipated, I had terrible hairfall, my stamina was shooting down, I was becoming lazier, weaker, had no energy to do anything, my risk of becoming a thyroid patient increased and I was also tested as thalassemia minor with hemoglobin as low as 8.9.
I started my journey again.

This time I had to it for myself.

I read a lot, researched a lot, learned a lot, have been with and around fitness professionals, dieticians, tv actors/artists, healthy people,  and etc.

And today here I am, lost the required amount of fat from my body, not constipated at all, improved my health status, my hemoglobin improved too,stamina and metabolism shooting up. I am not saying that I am perfect but I am still working for what I want.

I took 5yrs because I needed to learn the facts, body science first. This is the reason I decided to connect to you guys so that you can do this in lesser time.



Do it for yourself, only you can change the current situation.

Ok guys, maybe some of you are perfect health wise and just need to lose that 1extra kg or maybe “it’s only my thighs or belly yar”, “just have this double chin”, or maybe you lose weight but it comes back too
or maybe it’s the other way “I am skinny”, “I need to put on weight”.

I know….I know what you’re thinking rite now. This is some wasted blog that you are going to be reading. Lol.

But I promise it won’t be.

“I won’t lose weight, it’s hereditary”, “No time for diet and workout”, “Gym is not my cup of tea”, “Forget it, I have tried everything”. “No energy to workout”. “Will start from Monday”, “After my sister’s wedding”.

What’s your excuse?

It’s in your head!
You can do this, it’s possible.
Wake up guys. Nothing comes easy, you have to work for it.

You might have tried a hundred things by now, TRY AGAIN.

Ok guys!
Here’s the deal!

You read my posts and I will teach you to be “Healthier, Leaner and Stronger”.

Now you are thinking how?….right!


By adapting a healthier lifestyle and by “healthier lifestyle” I definitely don’t mean “Eating boiled and/or tasteless food” and “Working out hours in the gym”.



What I really mean is that….
You can have your dream body,
Achieve your fitness goals,
Get healthier, leaner and stronger.
And I will not tell you to ditch your favorite foods completely too.

Just by eating home cooked delicious food accompanied with working out as little as 45 mins, twice or thrice a week and you can eat your cheat meals as well;).



It’s not a rocket science, but it’s definitely science of our body which we need to understand in order to look and feel the way we should.

Ok! Enough of motivation, let’s get to the point.

Our body weight comprises of two main things –
1. Body Fat Mass
2. Body Skeletal Muscle Mass

For example:

Mr. A and Mr. B have same body weight
Mr. A has higher percentage of muscle mass in his body as compared to
Mr. B

Therefore, Mr. A will look leaner/slimmer than Mr. B.

So what do we learn from this?

Yes! You are right in order to be fit and lean you need to have more muscle mass in your body as compared to fat.


And by building muscle, you won’t look bulky. NEVER!

Building more muscle in your body has a lot of benefits-

Make Muscle Not Excuses - Gym Quotes

-Increased muscle mass usually means more strength, which can help you better perform activities of daily living.

-You will look leaner and toned

-It will ease the pain of osteo and rheumatoid arthritis, back pain, diabetes and obesity.

-It helps build bone density.

-Adding muscle to your body can actually help you burn more calories at rest.

And the list is endless.

so how do we do that?

By adopting a HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE, changing your EATING patterns and by correcting your form or duration of EXERCISE.

Ok! So how do we do all that?

Stay tuned!
I will help you out through your journey.


Hit the thumbs up for me if you found this information useful.

Untill then,
Be Motivated, Stay Active
And let’s do this together.

Kanzah Syed
(Fitness Enthusiast)

For customized meal and workout plans –
email – kanzah286@gmail.com


5 Comments Add yours

  1. yaseen says:

    very informative and interesting article
    looking forward for more articles 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kanzah Syed says:

      Thank you!:) I appreciate you taking out time to comment.
      I hope, I will serve you guys well!


      1. yaseen says:

        yes definitely !

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Mansuri Schezan says:

    Heard about this one through a friend. And I see this might help me a lot. Keep up with the work 🙂 all the best. I’ll be keeping a track of it .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kanzah Syed says:

      Thanks a lot! I really appreciate your support. Stay tuned! Follow me, so that you get notifications for all my posts


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