INACTIVITY – The emerging drug!


You heard me right!

What’s the new emerging drug in market? – it’s definitely – INACTIVITY!


Do you feel really good while sitting? Who doesn’t? But, sitting there all the time or let’s say maximum time in a day, is a serious, diseaseful addiction.

What happens when people first start to take drugs for fun- NOTHING! but, they don’t even realize when and how they became so addicted to it and what dangerous effects it has on their bodies.

Same goes for INACTIVITY. It’s an addiction and has dangerous effects too.

YES! It does.


Don’t believe me – THINK AGAIN!

Even latest researches have shown and admitted that INACTIVITY accompanied with lack of EXERCISE increases the risk of obesity, heart diseases, diabetes, thyroid and the list is never ending guys!



“But, I walk for an hour regularly”, “what are you taking about, I workout”, “I eat healthy/I eat clean.”

So, why am I taking about INACTIVITY.

I know guys! You are reading this blog for fat loss/losing weight.

Fine! If I say, your level of physical activity has a lot more effect on your fat loss than you think.

EXERCISE alone can’t do wonders to your body.

Remember guys!

Exercise is for an hour and physical activity will be for 23 hours. You can’t compensate 1 hour of walking, physical activity or workout for 23 hours of inactivity.


Fact for the day: You are continuously burning calories throughout the day. Even if you move to drink a glass of water.In our fat loss journey, our motive should be to burn more calories at rest I.e .when not exercising. RIGHT!

When you are inactive or sitting for more than 30 to 40 minutes, the capacity of our body to burn calories drops to Zero. Now how about that?

download (2)

OK, now don’t start thinking you can skip exercise, if you are physically active.

You have to get both the ingredients together for your bodily welfare.

NOW! Answer these questions for me:

– Are you one of those who depend on servants for everything- for your bedding, your tea, even for water, etc?

– Do you try to find excuses to sit?

– If you work, do you prefer sitting at your desk at all times?

– Do you get irritated, if something is lost and you have to find it?

– Do you prefer taking your car or an auto for even a ten minutes distance?

If most of your answer to the questions above are in affirmative then, even you are addicted to this drug – INACTIVITY!

And surely your health is at risk.


So, how to overcome this?

Simple! – start being more physically active in your daily routine. Come on! It’s not that difficult. You can do it.

If you do so, you can’t even imagine what your exercise or healthy eating will show you, as an effect on your body.

Remember? I told you how building lean muscle can help you in my last blog?



End result: the more muscle mass you have on your body, the more calories you burn at rest.

OK! I feel you are now convinced.
But, you are still confused what to do?

I’ll answer that too

Be more active throughout the day, Indulge in physical activity.



– suppose if you are watching tv, make a point that you stand and more around in every advertisement, and if it’s a movie just get up every 30 to 40 minutes.

– if you are at workplace, same rule-get up and walk bit. This will not only have a positive effect on your physical health but on your mental health/work too.

– Depend less your servants, MOVE MORE!

– Try walking small distances, instead of taking auto or car.

Note: have you noticed people from western countries, most of them are fit even after eating junk. Wondering how? for two main reasons,

1- their BMR (BASAL METABOLIC RATE) is high.–i will get to this in some other blog as today we will be focusing on the 2nd reason.

2- they make less use of transportation as its too expensive – As a result, They walk distances.

– Try making use of stairs, if it’s just 3-4 floors
Come on! You are fit!


– Indulge in house cleaning, wardrobe cleaning, toilet/bathroom cleaning during weekends.

And their is lots more you can do. You suggest me some ideas!

Promise yourself one thing today,
“I will try to be more active from now on.”

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Until then,
Stay tuned!
Stay Motivated, Be Active!

And let’s do this together.

Kanzah Syed
(Fitness Enthusiast)

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. yaseen says:

    making use of stairs 👍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kanzah Syed says:

      Trust me! It has really helped me😉😊


      1. yaseen says:

        yeah ! 🙂


      2. Kanzah Syed says:

        But just don’t take it as a workout and use stairs all the day😉 include it in your physical activity though


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