Eat all day and get fit – BELIEVE ME!

OK guys, today I will give you a slight idea on how you should be going about your diet.
What to include and what to not, some facts and myths. Just an overview today and then I will be taking these topics individually in my upcoming blogs.;)

Believe it!

I know even I couldn’t, when my trainer and dietitian both, after scrutinizing my diet, told me the same thing.- “YOU ARE NOT EATING ENOUGH”

I was shocked, just like you guys even I thought in order to get fit, healthy and most importantly lose weight you need to cut down on calories and food.

Most people often make this mistake. They cut down on food thinking they will have to workout less as they are taking lesser calories.

But, hey that’s really not true. I agree you should cut down on food but only “Processed Food”.




 That’s so really important – try doing it, and you will thank me one day –
I promise.

MYTH BUSTER: You need to burn more calories than you eat it in a day through workout to lose fat.


TRUTH: Your body always burns fat from it’s stores i.e, what is already stored as fat in your body.
However, what you eat before and after your workout or say throughout a day has a greater bearing on your performance to burn fat.

According to your body science and the way it works – You need to feed your body every 2 to 3 hours so that it burns fat effectively and doesn’t store it.

Our body is a great machine. You need to understand how it works.

So, what really happens when you eat frequent meals instead of regular 3 big meals?

When you eat big meals that to, after a long period of starvation.- two things will happen —

1. Keeping in mind your daily routine, when your body knows that after one big meal it will have to starve for a long period.
It starts storing that food for the period of starvation. That’s how you store fat!

2. When your body is given a big meal to digest, it’s not able to digest it all effectively as you are giving it too much work to do and hence you get blotted, constipated, etc and eventually become fat, fatigued, dull!

What happens when you eat small frequent meals?

After a few days, when your body starts to believe that it really doesn’t have to starve anymore and will receive food at regular intervals, it uses that food as energy for your daily tasks instead of storing it as fat.

So you actually burn more calories while eating more often and not storing it as fat, now how about that?

Why only think about burning calories and losing weight, it has a lot more benefits to offer – it boosts your metabolism, your cells feel nourished and due to which you won’t suffer diabetes, thyroid and many other illnesses, you are more energetic, feel up to working out and the list is endless.


Now you would be wondering – what meals you should be eating?

Let’s talk about that-

Nothing unusual, just home cooked real foods, eat seasonal and local. Eat foods that you have been eating since birth. Be it parathas for breakfast, ghee ki roti for lunch, cheese for evening snack and white rice for dinner, etc.
You won’t gain weight, these 4 things are most neglected things when talking about nutrition. They actually help you lose fat.

Examples of meals:
Fruit, Dosa, Milk, Yogurt, Handful of Dry fruits/ Nuts or Peanuts, Uthapam, Idli, Ghee roti with chatni and etc. It should be seasonal, grown locally, fresh, home cooked. Concentrate on whole and real foods.


Now in what quantity should you eat them?

Are you one of those people who always count calories before even eating food,

I have never, ever counted calories since I became educated in this subject. Don’t count calories guys! Think about it’s nutritional value.

You are the best judge for your own stomach.
We all have an INHERITED ABILITY to know – “What you should be eating”, ” When you should be eating”, “What kinds of foods you should be eating”, “In what amount your body needs it”.

It’s all about INTERNAL AWARENESS. Listen to your body. Just think that food is to nourish and eat it when you need it not when you are feeling bored. Know the difference!

Just turn the internal awareness switch on of your body and you don’t need to count calories anymore.

And when you start eating frequent meals, you actually start feeling hungry after every two hours and eventually you will see the meal size decrease as compared to the meal size when you were on 3 big meals, as your body knows you have already eaten 2 hrs back and again it will get food after 2 hrs.

Your body is intelligent enough. EMBRACE IT!
Work with it, Work for it!

TIP OF THE DAY: Don’t be fooled by DEHYDRATION.


Sometimes when you feel hungry it’s not for food, it’s your dehydration giving signal. Drink a glass of water then.Drink a lot of water throughout the day, stay hydrated! It’s really important. That will also make the blot vanish. 😉


I hope I’ve served the purpose today.

Stay tuned for more interesting stuff,
Like, share, follow, comment!

Until then,
Be Motivated, Stay Active!
I think we should modify it for today.

Stay Motivated, Be Aware!
And, let’s do this together.

Kanzah Syed
(Fitness Enthusiast)

For customized meal and workout plans –
email –


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  1. yaseen says:

    that’s what i was looking for
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    1. Kanzah Syed says:

      Great! I hope, I have served the purpose then. 😊😊


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