White Rice v/s Brown Rice

If I would ask you what’s more beneficial and effective for weight loss or otherwise – WHITE RICE or BROWN RICE,
What would you reply?


Raise your hands – If your answer is WHITE RICE.

What? No one for white rice ? I mean, Seriously?


Myth : Brown rice is healthier than white rice specially if you want to lose weight.


Truth : White Rice is any day better than Brown rice if you are or you are not on a weight loss diet.

So, from where this all Brown rice thing came from?
Why is everyone recommending it?

Basically, there are looking at 2 things in Brown rice while stating this-

1. Glycemic Index
2. Nutritional profile

1. Brown rice is low in Glycemic Index – it impacts your blood sugar on a lower level than white rice, that’s the reason people recommend it.

2. It has more nutritional value than white rice as it has the outer layer:- BRAN intact whereas, in white rice it’s removed.

So obviously, it’s pretty simple to think that Brown Rice is healthier than white.

But, IT’S NOT!


How? Let’s go deep in to this topic now

This whole thing of brown rice being better came from studies done on Brown and white rice. Am I saying that studies are wrong- No, but manipulating though.

See, when they conduct such studies on individuals, it’s done on a fasted state – 1st thing in the morning. They are fed plain brown rice and plain white rice.
So, obviously Brown rice being low in Glycemic Index didn’t affect the blood sugar as compared to white rice.

But think logically guys, does anyone anyone on waking up  eats rice directly? No, right!

Does anyone of us will eat it plain?Without adding any pluses or curd or vegetables or any lean meat?
A big no, right!

So it’s technicality v/s reality

Reality – When you mix one kind food with the other it drastically impacts the Glycemic Index of the food all together.Therefore, when you eat white rice with protein, fiber or healthy fats/oils that is- with curd, pulses, ghee, lean meats, vegetables- it’s lowers the Glycemic Index of the rice. On the contrary, when you eat brown rice with the above mentioned stuff, the Glycemic Index actually goes up.

dosakai-pappu-yellow-cucumber-cooked-with-lentils1rice with peas

I would also like to mention that,

Brown rice has bran-  the outer layer intact – which makes it difficult for our body to digest it properly and white rice gets easy on our body as it has the outer layer removed.

Therefore, the tests are irrelevant.

Did you know?

Brown rice because it has bran, is loaded with PHYTATES, which are anti nutrients.
What it does is that the PHYTIC ACID binds the minerals/nutrients and prevents them from absorbing in your body.
So, by consuming white rice you are actually going to consume and absorb more nutrients from your food.

You can also check this stuff on the internet for proves just type- phytate in brown rice.

Tip of the day – 1: White Rice acts as an amazing post workout meal, aids in recovery.


Tip of the day – 2 : You can eat white rice for dinner too. It’s the best dinner meal, it’s easy on your stomach as compared to other stuff.

Now, the next time someone advises you on eating brown rice, you can educate them with this information.

CASE SOLVED : Eat White Rice!

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Until then,
Be Motivated, Stay Active!
And, let’s do this together.

Kanzah Syed
(Fitness Enthusiast)

For customized meal and workout plans –
email – kanzah286@gmail.com


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  1. gregdreads says:

    Both are versatile and great tasting for some menu ideas give me a message.

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    1. Kanzah Syed says:

      Thanks a lot, I am sure you might be having many ideas.

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      1. gregdreads says:

        I was recently eating Progresso wild rice soup. Try it!

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      2. Kanzah Syed says:

        Ohh great! I will surely try it.😊

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      3. gregdreads says:

        Thank you and keep reading my blog for interesting stuff related to my rap career and some hack stuff


      4. Kanzah Syed says:

        Sure! I will do that today itself.😊

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      5. Kanzah Syed says:

        I love reading hack stuff by the way

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    1. Kanzah Syed says:

      Mosttt welcome 😊

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      1. gregdreads says:

        keep checking for more hack stuff I’ll find some of the new stuff I’m going to try. TY


      2. Kanzah Syed says:

        Yeah sure! I would love to check that.

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      3. gregdreads says:

        Thank you Kanzah

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  2. yaseen says:

    Honestly,this article was an eye opener for me
    Quite helpfull

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kanzah Syed says:

      Thank you soo much yaseen!😁😊😊


  3. yaseen says:

    Honestly this article was an eye opener for me
    Quite helpful !

    Liked by 1 person

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