How to STAY FIT while traveling

I thought of writing about this one as I, myself have come from a 10 days long holiday, and even I was worried about losing my progress.

It looks difficult but, it’s the game of our mindsets.

Let me tell you how?

First things first,



Whether you are visiting a new city or a new country, don’t miss a single chance of taking a walk.
Walk small to medium distances. It will keep your activity level high, your fat/calorie burning on and will save you a lot money as well.

images (1)

– Concentrate on your small mid meals.


As you are visiting a new place, it’s next to impossible that you will get home cooked food. You will have to eat outside in most cases.
So as you are aware of this situation, plan in advance for your in between meals – you can easily carry packets of almonds, dates, dry fruits, protein powder and etc in a flight or a train.

Some other options which you can buy from the place you are visiting to make it a mid meal and which will keep you full are
local fruits of that place, milk, curd/yogurt.




Now I think I have given you plenty of options to choose from.

Plan your day with 6 to 7 meals accordingly, include these healthy options along with you eating out for 3 meals.

Tip: Don’t worry you can indulge in cheats meals as well. Just walk a lot, concentrate on healthy eating and work out at least once a week.
Chill, it’s a holiday. you can cheat! No need to feel guilty if you are following all these instructions.

– Remember to STAY HYDRATED.


Drink a lott of water, stay hydrated all day. This will keep you full, energized, your skin refreshed and will keep the bloat away!
Trust me water keeps a lot of problems at bay.

– Incorporate some kind of workout once or twice a week even if it is for 15 to 20 mins.


This is important, as you might lose your muscles while traveling as you are not working out properly and probably not on a good diet too.
This 15 to 20 mins workout will ensure that you are working those muscles up.

Some Workout options –


yoga/suryanamaskar, HIIT(high intensity interval training) workout, run/sprint.

Tip: I ‘ll tell you the easiest option, go on YouTube – type “10 or 15 or 20 mins no equipment workouts” or “home workouts”. You will get tons of workouts there, just pick the one you feel you can do and follow them.

– Remember to supplement

spoon with dietary supplements on fruits background


VITAMIN A – it is very important while you are traveling, it helps your body deal with the stress caused in the body when your diet  or eating habits change.

Tip: other than traveling, you can take it when you are stressed.

VITAMIN B – take it in the morning after breakfast, it will keep you energized through out the day.

PROTEIN- try taking as much protein as you can through your food but if you can’t do that, you can take protein supplement.
It will help your muscles recover and prevent you from losing muscles as well.

Stay tuned for more interesting stuff,
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Until then,
Be Motivated, Stay Active!
And, let’s do this together.

Kanzah Syed
(Fitness Enthusiast)

For customized meal and workout plans –
email –


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  1. gregdreads says:

    Hi again I appreciate your wise blog and yesterday I weighed in at 155 so being slender is healthy . Thank you and check out my blog.

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    1. Kanzah Syed says:

      Most welcome! I’ll surely check that out

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      1. gregdreads says:

        KANZAH SYED_how are you ?

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      2. Kanzah Syed says:

        I am good, how about youu?

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      3. gregdreads says:

        pretty fit and blogged in.


      4. Kanzah Syed says:

        Good to hear that! I am planning paid domain soon for my blogs. Will send you the link, do check it out!😇


      5. gregdreads says:

        Kanzah Syed_what is that?


      6. Kanzah Syed says: still working on it!

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      7. Kanzah Syed says:

        It’s Still working on it, you can check that out 😇

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