GHEE : the emerging superfood

COW’S GHEE also known as clarified butter is one thing which we all are aware of, it’s being used in the Indian culture for ages now.
But, most people are unware of its health benefits.

As our country is progressing and is being more informed about what’s good for them to eat and what’s not, judging food from the amount of calories and fats, they have left a big room for myths and confusion.

And one of the famous myth is that “GHEE is bad for your health specially when trying to lose weight.”

Time for some FOOD LITERACY!

So, let’s jump straight to some of it’s health benefits-

1. GHEE supports fat loss and encourages fat metabolism.

I know guys! You might be thinking that I am completely out of my mind right now but, trust me I am totally sane.

Studies show that when taken in moderation, ghee actually mobilizes fat cells into energy.


GHEE contains small and medium chain fatty acids which actually targets other fats and toxins in our system which are often difficult to eliminate leading to weight loss.

It triggers fat metabolism, a process whereby the body begins to burn its own fat for fuel.

TIP OF THE DAY: If taken in breakfast, it will raise your metabolism and will control your cravings for other bad fats and junk good throughout the day.

2. It lowers cholesterol.

Yeah! Another weird but strong point.
It does help in reducing the bad cholesterol and enhances good cholesterol levels in the body.

Research shows that ghee safely increases blood lipids without raising LDL cholesterol.This means that it does more than simply lower total cholesterol. It raises the good kind (HDL) and lowers the bad (LDL).

Ghee being anti-inflammatory, prevents heart diseases too.

3. GHEE contains CLA.
CLA (conjugated linolic acid) is a cruicial fatty acid which helps in reducing fat mass and increasing the lean muscle mass in the body.

4. GHEE improves digestion and eases constipation.
GHEE contains BUTYRATE which is another essential small chain fatty acid. Butyrate acts as a detoxifyer and promotes colon health.

It aid digestion by stimulating the conversion of fiber into more butyric acid, which is essential for detoxifying as well as the eliminating other fats and toxins.

5. Strengths immune system and helps in better nutrients absorption.

As mentioned above it contains Butyric acid. Butyric acid is anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial/ anti-viral which strengths the immune system and also inhabits the growth of cancers and tumors.

spoon with dietary supplements on fruits background

GHEE is a source of vitamin K2, D, E, A.
It also increase the absorption of fat soluble vitamins in the body.

6. GHEE has a high smoke point.

Smoke point is a very crucial point while cooking for two reasons –

– Many healthy fats and oils have a tendency of changing their fatty acid structure when heated above their smoke point and become unhealthy.

– Heating oils above their smoke point destroys essential phytonutrients and can result in an increase of free radicals. Therefore, always be sure to use an oil whose smoke point is 50 degrees higher than your intended cooking temperature.

NOTE: Based on the above mentioned points, I am BURSTING another MYTH that “olive oil is great for cooking”, it’s been marketed as the healthiest oil for cooking. BUT IT ISN’T!


I am not saying it’s not healthy, it is indeed very healthy and has its own benefits but the way you use it makes it healthy or unhealthy. Olive oil shouldn’t be used for high smoke cooking and should only be used for low smoke point or after cooking (in dressings or sauces) as it has a very low smoke point.

Cow’s GHEE or clarified butter is gaining a lot of attention in the western countries. It’s now being marketed as a weighloss agent there. One or two years from now, it will become the new olive oil here too!

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Until then,
Be Motivated, Stay Active!

Kanzah Syed
(Fitness Enthusiast)

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